My Advertising Pays for Credit Pack and you will to get traffic

MAP_Banner_300x250_v1 My Advertising Pays for Credit Pack and you will to get traffic

The cost of a single “Credit Pack” is $49.99 – it gives you hundreds of visitors to your offer or business opportunity. On the flip side, these Credit Packs can also be an investment for your business since they pay you 1.5-2% daily (*when you click at least 10 ads daily), which turns out to be around $60 after 60 days. According to the official My Advertising Pays website, you can potentially profit a minimum of $10 for each “credit pack” you buy…sound a bit dicey and sketchy? let’s see




Quick overview of how My Advertising Pays works

• Buy a Credit pack for $49.99

• Click a minimum of 10 ads per day

• Drive Free traffic to your business

• Receive daily residual commission

Affiliate Commissions – Buying a credit pack also buys you traffic. You can earn affiliate commissions if you have an offer than converts and are sending this traffic to an opportunity or products. So you earn from a second time from the traffic that has already pay you.

Referral Commissions – For every person you refer to My Advertising Pays you will receive a 10% on every credit pack they purchase. According to some of the top income earners at maps this is one of the best ways to turn this business into a 5K , 15K and even 20k a month kind of business!

Guaranteed Buyers Traffic – When you join MAPs you have instant access to a list of buyers, who have already made a purchase into an online business.

Credit Packs Money – When you invest on as many credit pack as possible you will make $10 over a period of 60 days.

Referral Commissions – Receive 10% for every purchase of referral credit packs.

Profit Sharing – Everyone who buys a credit pack and clicks 10 ads a day is guaranteed to make a profit.

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